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I like to take the pictures, and don't really have much else to say, which is why I take pictures instead of saying stuff in the first place. I grew up in New York City, and went to the University of Chicago, and do some other stuff that I don't want to talk about.

This series aims to distill the dynamic welter of commingled isolation and beauty that is pandemic-era downtown Manhattan.

This series utilizes the theme of reflection and distortion to explore the ways people varyingly complement, refute, battle against and blend into the increasingly complex, overwhelming context of their urban surroundings.

I'm interested in how the surreal and phantasmagoric effect of reflection sometimes conjures a sort of disruptive anti-naturalism, a jolt that can serve to distill the essence of someone captured by it, or just as easily render them a chimerically decontextualized fragment in an alienating environment, an effect which I feel ironically serves to make them more sympathetic, more human.

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